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Celeste Bellemare Designer Scarves

boutique-imgThese are hand painted one-of-a-kind silk scarves. Special designer scarves have a unique sensation and exquisite beauty. Celeste Bellemare designer scarves bring an aesthetical fancy and texture to the table!

Mistral Soaps

boutique-imgThe Mistral wind (where our name originates from) sweeps down from the Alps across the landscape of Provence, creating lush conditions for fields of herbs and flowers. Thus, we’ve created luxury French Bath Soaps made with 100% pure shea butter and the world’s most unique selection of natural ingredients.


boutique imageOrigami-Inspired Jewelry Cases featuring unique multi-pockets with removable pouches and makeup cases. Unique features are essential to keeping your jewelry and makeup organized when traveling.


boutique imageCalabria Readers are the ultimate line of reading glasses. These high-quality readers are designed in a vast array of styles, from metal to beautiful two-tone; from tinted sun readers to bi-focal lenses, from flexible frames to little discreet frames that fit compactly in a protective tube case. The Calabria Collection is sure to have the style you are searching for!


boutique imageJillery designs combined metals and colors and sets a style standard that no other artist of the time can replicate. The thread of Jill’s designs is the use of aluminum throughout every piece. What keeps the work unique is Jill’s unwavering commitment to a hands-on quality approach to all of her designs and products. Each piece is hand-made by skilled artisans in her Greenwich Village studio. Jill is the originator of this sophisticated, yet whimsical style.

Medusa Heirlooms

boutique imageMedusa Heirlooms are like confections for your hair. They always add a little sparkle and glam to your coif! This is an exquisite collection of bridal hair accessories. Wedding accessories add that final, special touch to your ensemble. They catch the light at your reception and add elegance to your hairstyle. These accessories are also great for prom and other special occasions.

Shaune Bazner

boutique imageIs one of America’s leading fashion jewelry artists and innovators. From the Los Angeles trendy to the DC conservative and the New York City chic, she has been creating timeless jewelry and accessory designs that appeal to all styles. She has breathed new life into ordinary categories, like eyeglass cords and ID neckwear, merging fashion with function.


Tagua by Soraya Cedeno jewelry is not only high-quality, eco-friendly and organic, each fair trade jewelry piece provides unparalleled economic opportunities to our team of Ecuadorian artisans. We provide our artisans with job opportunities, employing and training local artisans to handcraft each piece of Fair Trade, Organic Tagua jewelry.

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